When I was 12 I found my first true love, literature.                       I was truly obsessed and later would often spend my summers reading and imagining myself as a character of most of the books I read. I remember reading George Orwell’s A Clergyman’s Daughter and learning about a world completely strange and unknown to me. Orwell himself didn’t love this novel of his, but I didn’t know then and I kept reading for I had never heard of such occurrences and they seemed oddly compelling to me. Needless to say, I never stopped enjoying reading and soon enough I started dreaming about writing, myself.

The purpose of this blog is to reveal my utter joy and passion for writing and storytelling, but not only. I will not leave out my affection for fashion and discussion of different topics, including controversial ones (hmmm). Similarly, my newly found desire for photography will accompany most, if not all, of my chapters.

BASICALLY:  I will narrate stories (write short stories) or sometimes articles which, more than often, connect with my life and reflect my thoughts.

P.S. I’d recommend The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald


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